Volume 6 Issue 6 June 2007 

"Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit, saith the Lord of Hosts."
~ Zechariah 4:6

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Conference Review 
Write to Publish: There's No Place Like Home. (READ MORE...)

Review: How to Write a Breakout Novel Workbook
If you're unwilling to work hard to make your novel the best it can be, don't buy this book. (READ MORE...)

Attending a conference?

Review: Totally Honest Tax Tips for Writers
Math is not my thing—I like to write, not crunch numbers. Totally Honest Tax Tips for Writers is just the tool I need. (READ MORE...)

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The Christian Writers' View

Join 17 diverse panelists, moderators, and advanced and professional Christians who write, in focused panel discussions. For advanced and professional writers in the Christian market. Panelists and Moderators include:
Janet Chester Bly
Wally Bock
T. Suzanne Eller

Sandra Glahn
Janet K. Grant
Dennis Hensley
Lin Johnson
Ellie Kay
Cindy Kenney
Chip McGregor
Susan Titus Osborn
Don Otis
Tim Riter
David Thomas

W. Terry Whalin
Karen Whiting
Kathy Carlton Willis
You can find more information by visiting The Writers' View or by emailing T. Suzanne Eller.

The Christian Writers' View 2

TWV's sister-group for beginning to intermediate writers. Panelists and Moderators include:
Lisa Crayton

Mary DeMuth
Sharon Durling
Eva Marie Everson
Pam Halter

Yvonne Lehman
Carmen Leal
Cecil Murphey

Terri Pilcher
Sally Stuart
You can find more information by visiting TWV2 or by emailing T. Suzanne Eller.

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First Impressions: Developing a Professional Cyber Image
Through the years I've corresponded with hundreds of writers, touched-up numerous photos, and edited many bios. Hopefully, I've helped new writers feel less intimidated, and seasoned writers feel welcomed back, when they submit material. (READ MORE...)

Hiring a Webmaster: Keys to Success
There are web designers by the dozen clamoring for you to hire them. Unfortunately, as writers, we don't make the money that many of these professionals want us to spend. Let me share a few things you need to understand before hiring a webmaster. (READ MORE...)


Yore Spell-Checker Stinks: Five Reasons to Proofread Your Manuscript
You've written it. You've rewritten it. You've printed it out and scribbled all over it. You've got it just where you want it. Now it's time to send it out to agents and publishers, right? Not so fast.

What's Your Book About?
I could feel the intensity increasing among the other editors involved in acquisitions. I felt it as well because we were facing a deadline to turn in our material for the next publication board meeting.

The Business of Writing

Shocking News to Authors: The Book Business is a Business First
Before I began working inside a book publishing house, I had written more than 50 nonfiction books... I have never self-published a book and always worked through traditional publishers. However, I was unaware of the financial production numbers for nonfiction books and I found it shocking. (READ MORE...)

Meet Our Publisher!

Our Publisher, Lisa A. Crayton, will be teaching at various writer's conferences. Lisa would love to meet SPIRIT-LED WRITER visitors, or SLW-Update subscribers. Visit her website for a current schedule, and email Lisa if you're attending one of the events. Also visit her personal website to read her testimony or browse other relevant information.

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Encouraging News
Since I benefited from mentoring early in my career, I'm eager to share some helpful information. Therefore, I created [this] list of tips to help new or intermediate writers on their way to success.

Writing for Children
Writing for children is the most discouraging and frustrating of all the writing genres. Unless you are a huge success... this is strictly a "feel good" business.

Effective E-books
Have you ever found yourself praying for more sales, more media coverage, or more leads only to wonder why your prayers haven't been answered? [How] do you help your e-books succeed?

Treat Your Body Write!
When I was a teenager working my first real job, I thought with envy of those lucky souls who had "desk jobs." They got to sit most of the day, not languish on sore feet and achy knees for four or five hours each day after school. (READ MORE...)

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Inspired Romance
Although romance always has a happy ending and real life doesn't, you want to make your characters be real and come to life as they reach that happy ending.

Helping Hands: Manuscript Critiques
Woodrow Wilson once said, "I not only use all the brains I have but all that I can borrow." Could you use some extra brain power for your manuscript in progress? If so, you can affordably borrow that of a Spirit-Led Writer. We offer professional services at reasonable prices. Check out our critique guidelines and submit today!

Nuggets for Personal Journaling
Have you ever asked yourself, "Am I a good steward as a writer?" Recently, I've grappled with that question, thanks to a recent series my pastors taught and preached. (READ MORE...)

Poetry Potpourri  
Poets and novelists must establish a voice for themselves and their characters. Just as a child bonds with his or her mother's voice, so readers bond with the writer's voice. (READ MORE...)

The Parent Muse
The world needs fresh stories from parent writers! The world needs your essays, your how-to articles, your poetry and fiction. As a parent, you have something unique to offer editors and readers. (READ MORE...)




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